PUL Pocket

Credit card sized and shaped note pocket. Works with all types of credit card wallets that have a gradual ejection mechanism, including brands such as PULARYS, Secrid, Ekster and others. Even if you're a fan of credit cards, it's a good idea to have a few notes with you. They can come in very handy when there's no ATM nearby or when you've just made a spontaneous decision at the flea market. Enrich your aluminium wallet with a practical banknote pocket - a "pul pocket". "Pul pocket" is a modern, compact pocket that will not make your wallet thicker. Unlike the usual external extra pockets, this pocket will store your notes inside the aluminium wallet without compromising its slim profile. To make the best use of the space, fold the banknotes into thirds. Use 5 note cards and a pul pocket with 3 notes, or adapt the configuration to suit your needs.


Anti-skimming shield card, RFID protection

A protective shield for your data. Secure your documents, payment cards, even your car key with a discreet but very effective card that blocks NFC and RFID signals. The chip embedded in the card disrupts the operation of scanning devices, making it impossible to read sensitive data or steal money. One additional card in your wallet will protect all the others! It works within a radius of 5 cm, so you can breathe a sigh of relief - the entire wallet is properly looked after, regardless of whether you are in a store, supermarket, or on the tram. Works anytime and anywhere, requires no additional energy source. Perpetuum mobile for your safety.


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