Anti-skimming shield card, RFID protection 125612301

Anti-skimming shield card, RFID protection

18.00 PLN
main-imageAnti-skimming shield card, RFID protection 1256123
  • Size: 8,5 x 5,5 cm
  • Materials: Plastic

Colours :


Product features and description

  • Works up to 5 cm from the protected card
  • Works in the 13.56 MHz range
  • Does not activate the stores' alarm
  • No battery required - always works
  • Secures passport data
  • RFID and NFC protection

A protective shield for your data.
Secure your documents, payment cards, even your car key with a discreet but very effective card that blocks NFC and RFID signals. The chip embedded in the card disrupts the operation of scanning devices, making it impossible to read sensitive data or steal money. One additional card in your wallet will protect all the others! It works within a radius of 5 cm, so you can breathe a sigh of relief - the entire wallet is properly looked after, regardless of whether you are in a store, supermarket, or on the tram.
Works anytime and anywhere, requires no additional energy source. Perpetuum mobile for your safety.