HOBBY wallet with keychain - set - Insider Line

Minimalist wallet including key ring, helpful in all circumstances. Set made of vegetable-tanned Nomad leather. Carefully refined and avant-garde. Amazingly capacious - will store many cards and documents, providing easy access to them. Two pockets: for banknotes and coins will help you organise the contents, plus - they look simply great! Registered design - stand out with a unique gadget!


HUGO Gift Set with keyring - Insider line

A small wallet with a great interior, complete with an elegant key ring. Made from vegetable-tanned Nomad leather. Two easy-access pockets perfectly organise documents, cards or business cards. An additional feature is the leather banknote pocket. Thanks to the RFID technology used in the wallet design, your sensitive data and credit card funds are completely safe and protected against unauthorised reading or theft. The special gradual card ejection mechanism allows you to quickly reach for the one you are looking for. Registered design - unique and original! Ideal for connoisseurs - minimalists.


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