What to do when you lose or find a wallet?

In today's times, a wallet is not just an object in which we carry cash. Very often it is something much more important to us. It is where we carry documents, debit and credit cards, necessary business cards, and often photos of our loved ones. What should we do if we lose our wallet? Or have you ever found someone's wallet in the street? What should you do in such a situation? We answer in today's post.

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A short history of the wallet

A wallet is an item that everyone uses every day. We carry in it not only cashbut also payment cards, documents or photos of our loved ones. It turns out that the history of this object is longer than it might seem on the surface. Where did the wallet come from in the form in which we know it today?

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Fight bankruptcy and attract wealth: Wallets superstitions

Whether we admit it or not, money is an extremely important part of our lives. It is no wonder then that the wallet, and therefore the place where we store it, is surrounded by numerous superstitions.Superstitions about wallets usually have the purpose of one thing: attract wealth and prevent its attrition. Some suggestions related portfolios are well known and readily used, others are regionally popular. Some seem absurd, others have a sort of grain of reason in them... Here are the most interesting of them! Karp will make a guest ...

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Data and financial protection in your pocket

How many times during the day do you reach into your pocket in search of your wallet? Do you then wonder if your money is safe? In this day and age, the digital and real worlds intermingle, and the technology around us is advancing at an unprecedented rate, creating both new opportunities and dangers. Most people do not think about the dangers of data loss on a daily basis. Of course, there are sometimes situations that ...

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Pularys - what exactly is it?

''Bring me my pularys, please!'' - is the request you may still hear from your grandmother or grandfather in some regions of Poland. So what is a pularys?  Pularys, pulares or pugilares - all these names, although they sound slightly different, have the same meaning. It is an old term for wallet, which used to function in the dialect of Warsaw, Podkarpacie and Małopolska. Today, it is much less common, although it can still be heard ...

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