Fight bankruptcy and attract wealth: Wallets superstitions


Whether we admit it or not, money is an extremely important part of our lives. It is no wonder then that the wallet, and therefore the place where we store it, is surrounded by numerous superstitions.

Superstitions about wallets usually have the purpose of one thing: attract wealth and prevent its attrition. Some suggestions related portfolios are well known and readily used, others are regionally popular. Some seem absurd, others have a sort of grain of reason in them... Here are the most interesting of them!

Karp will make a guest appearance in the role of the goldfish

If you want to ensure abundance throughout the coming year, on New Year's Eve, don't forget to put the following in your wallet - as deep as possible so they don't fall out! - a couple of shells from a carcass wedding carp. Wear them there all year round and they will protect your wallet from theft, play down the urge to spend money foolishly and magically attract new cash.


Accessories made in China

Worn in wallet or in handbag Chinese coins with square hole tied with red - the colour of luck and good fortune - thread will attract to you good fortune. Some people also put them under the wiper before the threshold of the flat - to "invite" money into the home.


Fill holes in budget

The wallet must not have holes and abrasions, because money can come through them leave: both symbolically and actually! If a hole appears, immediately seat (preferably gold thread) or replace your wallet with a new. Apparently money doesn't like to be in a dirty, crumpled wallet either: no matter whether you carry wallet with Swarovski crystalsor the simplest purse, make sure your wallet is always in perfect condition!

Consider bag

You're in the habit of putting your handbag - which, after all, contains your wallet - on the floor? Be careful that money doesn't crawl out of it! It's better not to take any chances, and it's a shame to get your purse dirty...

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