What to do when you lose or find a wallet?


Nowadays, a wallet is not only an item in which we carry cash. Very often it is something much more important to us. It is there that we carry documents, payment and credit cards, necessary business cards, and often photos of our relatives. What to do when we lose the wallet? Or maybe you happened to find someone's wallet on the street? How to behave in such a situation? We answer in today's post.

Have you lost your wallet? Do not panic

Although a lost wallet is a big problem, it is worth staying calm. Consider where you've used it lately. Perhaps you were paying for purchases at a store or gas station. We have so many things to do every day that there is a good chance that we are distracted   stayed in the place where it was last used .

In the case of a lost wallet   reaction speed   is crucial. It is not worth counting on the fact that an honest finder will call us himself, send the loss to the address on our documents or return the find to the police. It's best to go straight to the place where we last used our wallet. If we don't find the wallet there anymore, we should go to the next step.

Block cards and documents

If the wallet is not found, the next step that we should decide on as soon as possible is a reservation   cards   payment   and credit cards . Call the bank immediately and block it   all   cards , because although the thief or the person who found our wallet will not withdraw cash without knowing the PIN code, he will easily perform a number of contactless transactions that will be charged to our account.

Let's call the hotline   bank or go to the nearest branch. Remember that if we do not block the cards quickly enough, the bank may charge us with all transactions that took place without our consent up to the amount of EUR 150. After blocking the card, the bank will send us a duplicate within a few days . The old card, even if we find the wallet, will not be active again.

Similarly with documents - reservation as soon as possible   proof and all documents in appropriate   office . Nowadays, you can easily take a loan for an ID card, so it's better to protect yourself against the consequences of losing your wallet. If we do not find the documents, we have to apply for re-issuance.

Honest Finder

We already know what to do when we lose a wallet, and what if we find one? In that case, we should keep the so-called   obligation   honest   finders . In practice, this means that if we find a wallet belonging to a person we do not know, we are required to report the find to the appropriate authority -   on   the police   or to the office   Things   Found .

If we find the wallet inside   transport , for example on a train or on a ship, we should give up the loss   about yourself   managing   - in this case to the driver, train manager, ship captain, etc. We can also refer found payment cards to the nearest bank branch where they were issued.

After returning the found item in the appropriate fingerprint, we should be issued a certificate . We should also remember that the finder is entitled to the so-called   found   one-tenth the value of found things. We may reserve such a request when returning the loss to the appropriate authorities or, if we are able to identify it, to the owner of the lost property.


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