What to do when you lose or find a wallet?


In today's times, a wallet is not just an object in which we carry cash. Very often it is something much more important to us. It is where we carry documents, debit and credit cards, necessary business cards, and often photos of our loved ones. What should we do if we lose our wallet? Or have you ever found someone's wallet in the street? What should you do in such a situation? We answer in today's post.

Lost your wallet? Don't panic

Although a lost wallet is a big hassle, it's worth keeping calm. Think about where you last used it. Perhaps you paid for your shopping in a shop or at a petrol station. We have so many things on our minds every day that there's a good chance we get distracted stayed in place where it was last used.

In case of a lost wallet speed of response is crucial. It is not worth relying on the honest finder calling us himself, sending the lost item to the address on our documents or returning the find to the police. The best thing to do is to immediately go to the place where&your&wallet& was last&used. If the wallet is no longer found there, you should proceed to the next step.

Secure cards and documents

If the wallet is not found, the next step which we should decide on as soon as possible is warning cards payment cards and credit. Immediately call the bank and block all cardsbecause although a thief or someone who finds our wallet will not withdraw cash without knowing our PIN, they will easily perform a number of contactless transactions that will debit our account.

Call infoline bank or go to the nearest branch. Remember if you do not block your cards quickly enough, the bank may charge you for all transactions that have taken place without your consent up to €150. Once the card has been blocked, the bank will send us a duplicatewithin a few days. The old card, even if you find the wallet, will not be active again.

Similarly with documents - as soon as possible take note evidence and all documents in appropriate office. Nowadays it is easy to take out a loan on your ID card, so it is better to protect yourself against the consequences of losing your wallet. If our documents are not found, we must apply for their re-issue.

The honest finder

We already know what to do if we lose our wallet, but what if we find one? In such a case, we should observe the so-called obligation fair finders. In practice, this means that if we find a wallet belonging to a person we do not know, we are obliged to report the find to the relevant authority - on police or to offices Things Found.

If a wallet is found in in the middle transport, for example, on a train or on a ship, the lost item should be returned to the person manager - in this case driver, train manager, ship captain, etc. We can also take found payment cards to the nearest branch of the bank where they were issued.

After returning the found object to the appropriate fingerprint, we should be issued with statement. Remember also that the finder is entitled to the so-called found of one-tenth the value of the found items. We may reserve such a claim when handing over the lost items to the relevant authorities or, if we can identify it, to the owner of the lost items.


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